About us

Our story is rooted in our love for the sea and our longing to infinitely enjoy every moment spent in contact with it. We have family ties on Rab and a good knowledge of the island and its surroundings, and so we decided to share our passion with our customers through boat rentals on the island of Rab.
As we are a small company, we can devote 100% of our attention to each client and establish a personal relationship based on mutual trust.

We will accommodate the client in terms of the time of pick-up and handover (return) of the vessel and in terms of the location of the pick-up.

Our boats for rental are moored at the pier – see location mapBy arrangement, the vessel can be delivered to the client’s desired location on the coast of the island between Rab, Banjol and Barbat.

Through regular and preventive maintenance, we strive to keep our vessels in a perfect technical condition, thus increasing safety and enjoyment of carefree navigation.

In addition to the boat rental itself, we provide our clients with a wealth of useful advice on safety and the rules of safe navigation, possible boat trips to bays and beaches near and far, weather forecasts, restaurants serving good food, and complete support throughout the rental process.

Our boats are located at the mooring of Bistro -Privezište “Plaža”, Barbat 75

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